Wednesday, September 28, 2016

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Pastor Lee Wiggins

We're currently in a series called "The Book," which we started back in January, 2015. It's a one-book-a-week survey through the entire Bible! Every week as a congregation, we read the upcoming week's book together, memorize a verse from the book, and then gather on Sunday to worship and learn. This has really transformed our church, as God has brought our hearts into unity together in the excitement of what HE is doing in our lives. The Word of God truly does not return void. 

My main goal as a pastor is to help the Bible come alive and allow the Holy Spirit to do His incredible work. 

Check out my latest sermons by clicking the thumbnail pictures above. All my sermons available on Vimeo. If you're in the Downingtown, Pennsylvania area, we hope you can join us at Calvary Fellowship at 9:30 or 11AM.

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